ViCon Construction Concrete Foundations


At ViCon, safety is a priority on all projects. It is ingrained in our company culture and on display at each job site starting with our staff’s mindset. We know that with our employee’s mindset of a “safety first” mentality combined with their great attitudes, it will result in a safe working environment for everyone. We never under estimate the safety on any project!

We closely monitor the working environment and provide anything necessary to ensure each worker is safe and has what they need to work safely for the day. Our number one goal is to have “Zero Accidents” on each project. Our dedication to training, education, and compliance with up-to-date safety standards and procedures are steps we take to reach this goal.

ViCon’s upward trend as a company depends heavily on our commitment to safety and staying the industry leader in safety. The mentality of safety first starts with our owners down to each employee. It’s because of this “top down” mentality that safety is so important in the bidding, planning and phases of construction.